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      Van Helsing, Dr. Seward and Quincey Holmwood enter Lucy's tomb and find her resting in her coffin. Van Helsing gives Quincey the woooden stake he must drive into Lucy's heart as he reads a prayer of exorcism. Using all his courage, Quincey is able to drive the stake into the body of the vampire-Lucy. She screams in horror as he drives the stake deeper and deeper until she is truly dead. Suddenly Lucy transfoms from a vampire to a beautful woman again. Van Helsing has the two men return to the Westenra house while he finishes the ritual by stuffing Lucy's mouth with garlic and cutting off her head!
      Van Helsing, Seward and Quincey are soon joined by Jonathan and Mina; Harker tells them of his ordeal at Castle Dracula. They plan to go to Carfax Abbey and do what must be done to destroy Dracula.
      Renfield asks to meet Mina Westenra, who is accompanied by Dr. Seward when she visits the sanitarium. Renfield tries to warn her of the impending danger of Dracula. Later, Van Helsing, Seward and Quincey go to Carfax Abbey and find 20 boxes of earth missing and no sign of the Count.
      Dracula now sets his sights on Mina and while the men are at Carfax Abbey, the Count appears and pays Mina a visit.

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