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      Van Helsing and Mina travel by horse and buggy all the way to Transylvania after Dracula, who is attempting to return to his castle before he can be found by his pursuers. Dr. Seward, Jonathan Harker and Quincey are riding horseback in pursuit of the Count. Nightfall comes and Van Helsing and Mina stop to rest for the night. Meanwhile, the three vampire women, under Dracula's power, show up near where Mina and Van Helsing have camped. Mina is drawn to them but Van Helsing sees what is happening and draws a circle around Mina and himself and then takes a few sacred hosts, breaks them apart, and drops them all around the circle he has drawn in the ground. He succeeds in keeping the vampire women away from the two of them as the undead are unable to enter the circle. Seeing that they cant reach Mina and Van Helsing, the vampire women vanish in a large puff of smoke.
      When daylight comes, Van Helsing leaves Mina asleep and travels to where the vampire women are sleeping. He takes the wooden stakes from his bag and kills the three vampire women in their graves. As each woman is staked, Mina feels a sudden pain inside of her, but soon is able to sleep a restful sleep when Van Helsing has finished his task.
      The gypsies under Dracula's power are in the final part of their journey toward Castle Dracula. They row to shore from the nearby river and put the large box of earth where Dracula is resting on a horse-drawn wagon and make way to their destination as quickly as possible. But hot on their heels are Dr. Seward, Harker and Quincey! Van Helsing also sees the gypsies through binoculars, having arrived on the scene.

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